for organisations looking for support in unravelling complex issues and/or transition support

Can we help you as a problem and transition counselor?

Do you find yourself confronted with a complex problem in your organization? We are here to help you untangle the situation and bring clarity to the issue at hand. By mapping out the perspectives and interests of the various parties, their interactions, and the prevailing dynamics, we ensure that contradictions can be resolved and a supported 'third alternative' can be reached.

Alternatively, if you're specifically seeking support during a transition process that's not going as smoothly as hoped, we'd be delighted to guide you and your leadership team through the process as a transition counselor. We'll help you gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics within your organization and identify any values and hidden beliefs that may be impeding change. Support from a transition counselor ensures that the transition has a better chance of being sustainable in the long term.

How we can make the difference

We have years of experience in the corporate world and know the challenges associated with complex problems and transitions better than anyone else. We can relate well to the experiences and thinking of people in key positions and can quickly connect with them. Moreover, we have strong listening and empathy skills, ask critical questions and naturally see the bigger picture.

Our offer

We come to your organisation and work very personally with you and your employees in key positions. We engage in dialogue with all those involved, taking on the role of an external sounding board with whom everyone can talk in confidence, without judgement or bias, about anything related to the organisation.

Through the various conversations we have on an individual basis, we discover what is going on within the organisation, then connect people from different departments and help to transcend silo thinking. Throughout this process, we always maintain an overview of the bigger picture and link ideas together. Over time, we synthesise these experiences and hold up a mirror to your organisation. We build bridges between people and ideas, providing the extra fabric needed to support a successful transition.

Multiversity is a recognised service provider of the 'kmo-portefeuille' for training and advice. We examine with you whether your organisation can call on this for our services.

Case study

In a care department in a hospital, there was a dormant discontent that was having a negative impact on the functioning of the department and leading to the inability to find the right people. We were faced with the challenge of untangling this situation. From a wide range of in-depth interviews, we created an overall picture of the situation that was recognised by all involved. From there, we shaped a transition path and guided the organisation with management involvement to move step by step out of the impasse. We ensured that the managers could take up their role in this process in order to permanently anchor the solution found.

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