Our purpose


We live in a rapidly changing and complex world. In order to make complexity manageable, we, as humans, have a natural tendency to simplify our image of reality. This leads to thinking in boxes with the main goal of being faster and more efficient. This way of thinking is firmly entrenched in human beings and therefore omnipresent in all professional, educational, cultural and other systems.

Today's challenges, both to ourselves and to society, force us to transcend the boundaries of existing boxes and to explore new connections. To arrive at sustainable solutions, there is a need for the capacity to see things from multiple perspectives and to critically examine prevailing beliefs and one's own assumptions. There is an increasing necessity to be able to think and connect beyond existing boundaries and to transcend apparent contradictions.


Multiversalists have a talent for quickly grasping the bigger picture, for being able to see many perspectives, for embracing contradictions, and for coming up with new solutions. At the same time, they are the ones who suffer first from contexts infused with thinking in boxes.

Multiversity searches for the essence of people and organisations. Who are you? Who do you want to be? And how can you realise that? Our focus is on complex organisational contexts and complex profiles - the multiversalist. We introduce new frames of thinking, transcend boundaries, create new connections and in doing so offer a sounding board that dares to think differently.

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