The multiversalist

Multiversalists often experience the world 'differently'. With the term 'multiversalist' we want to create a broad framework to be able to work with talents and challenges without putting people into boxes.

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Am I a multiversalist? keyboard_arrow_down

You may find that some of these common characteristics of multiversatile people resonate for you:

  • have an insatiable curiosity and eagerness to learn
  • live life with a high intensity, driven by complexity and new challenges
  • are fast, associative thinkers who are always looking for the bigger picture
  • need autonomy and freedom
  • love inventing and creating new possibilities
  • have a strong ethical compass
  • value integrity and authenticity
  • have a critical spirit that often questions the existing
  • have a strong urge for self-knowledge and self-development
  • are heighly sensitive to the environment (beauty, stimuli, the prevailing atmosphere,...) 
  • are playful, self-relativizing with their own sense of humor

When is a multiversalist in a state of flow? keyboard_arrow_down

  • When we look at things from multiple perspectives, weighing pros and cons, and when we can transcend apparent contradictions.
  • When we can work in alignment with our inner moral compass, in authentic connection with others and with space for our broader societal ideals. 
  • When we can satisfy our insatiable curiosity: learning new things, gaining new insights, meeting new challenges,...
  • When there is room for doubt and wonder, for vulnerability and not-knowing.
  • When we can critically and inquisitively question what exists: Is this the best we can do? How can this be done even better? Why is this happening? Why here? Why now? Why this way? What would happen if...?
  • When there is room for originality and creativity: making new connections across existing boundaries, coming up with new solutions, designing new concepts, creating new things,...
  • When we experience autonomy and freedom: self-determination, keeping options open, seeing possibilities and not locking ourselves in.

What are typical personal challenges for a multiversalist? keyboard_arrow_down

It seems like multiversalists have everything going for them, and don’t need any help or particular support to succeed in life. However since the multiversalist experiences life qualitatively different, they may also be confronted with a number of problems:

  • Difficulty prioritizing paths. Multiversalists’ multipotentiality means that there is a constant sense of urgency about wanting to pursue many interests at once, and it can be difficult to foreclose options or commit. 
  • Lack of fulfillment. Many multiversalists have an impressive list of accomplishments and talents, yet may still feel unfulfilled. Sometimes, finding meaning is difficult when multiversalists can see so many problems around them, see how they could be addressed, and feels unable to make an impact.
  • Difficulty tolerating periods of lack of direction or boredom. Once a domain or avenue of personal growth has been explored to a certain level of mastery, multiversalists may feel bored and ready for the next challenge. It may take some time before a new focus emerges.
  • Loneliness due to feeling ‘different’ and not understood by others. Multiversalists sometimes find contacts or conversations boring and superficial and hence close themselves off. 

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