for organisations looking for guidance in making future-oriented choices

Can we help you as a strategic counselor?

Are you, as a decision maker, facing strategic issues with your team, organisation or network? We would be happy to help you with this, taking on the role of a strategic counselor who enters into a process of strategic dialogue with you with the aim of arriving at sustainable and supported future-oriented choices.

How we can make the difference

We have years of experience in the corporate world and know better than anyone the challenges involved in making strategic choices. We can relate well to the experiences and thinking of people in key positions and can quickly connect with them. Moreover, we have strong listening and empathy skills, ask critical questions and naturally see the bigger picture.

Our offer

We come to your organisation and engage with all stakeholders. Through the various conversations we have with them on an individual basis, we discover what is going on inside and outside the organisation and identify the different perspectives, ideas and concerns. This overview is the starting point for a series of workshops in which we work as a group on the strategic issues at hand. By building on the insights of both the people within your organisation and the stakeholders around it, everyone gains more insight into the whole picture and a better understanding of others' perspectives.

Finally, we create a final synthesis that can serve as a basis for translating into an output, such as a strategic plan. By taking time to engage in dialogue with all stakeholders, we include more perspectives and create support for the strategic choices. This increases the chances of success and makes the implementation process smoother and more effective.

Multiversity is recognised service provider of the 'kmo-portefeuille' for training and advice. Together with you, we examine whether your organisation can call on this for our services.

Case study

The management of a healthcare organisation faced the challenge of renewing the strategic framework for the next three to five years with a revamped Board of Directors and a decentralised leadership team. The challenge was to bring out and align the different visions of the executives, management and the Board of Directors. We guided the parties involved in this process and arrived at concrete and supported strategic choices and a new organisational model.

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