Selected testimonials from our satisfied customers


Valeria on career counseling keyboard_arrow_down

I began career counseling at a time when I was feeling confused and very demotivated with my job. I had the idea of making a drastic change in direction and wanted to explore other options. The Core Talent Analysis helped me to better decipher what I like about my job and what aspects of my job caused demotivation and doubt about my abilities. I really appreciated Joris' ability to listen and his flexibility to adapt the coaching to my needs and to the insights and questions that arose during the process. Thanks to the different sessions, and especially thanks to the right questions and insights from Joris, I came to the conclusion that I want to continue in my current job, but with clear ideas about the elements that need to change in my role in order to achieve real satisfaction. The sessions helped me organize my thoughts and also communicate them to my supervisor in a clear and assertive way.


Johan Van Mol on the growth catalyst keyboard_arrow_down

I had the pleasure of taking part in Multiversity's Growth Catalyst program, where I had the opportunity to work with Joris. At the time, I was content in my job but had a burning desire to launch a tech startup. Joris' coaching and guidance were invaluable in shaping my trajectory towards success.

Joris is an exceptional coach who is not only intelligent but also warm and personable. He helped me gain clarity and focus on multiple levels. Firstly, we delved deep into my personal motivations for making a career change, ensuring that my goals were aligned with my values. Secondly, Joris provided expert advice on the startup itself, challenging me to refine my ideas and develop a clear value proposition, business model, and entrepreneurship skills.

Joris' unique combination of scientific and management background allowed him to provide me with a deep understanding of technology and entrepreneurship, which enriched my ideas and sharpened my focus. I am truly grateful for the depth and clarity that Joris brought to both my personal and business development, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to achieve their goals.

Johan Van Mol - founder No-Kno

Dirk on the sparring partner keyboard_arrow_down

Joris was a great companion through 'liminal space'. His calm, inquisitive, warm and open view made me feel heard and understood. Not by an expert. But by a human being of flesh and blood, who empathically thinks, questions, confronts and inspires. With lightness, nuance and depth, he feeds the (self) search and awareness of what is going on and what is noticeable. Drawing extensively on many sources of philosophical (and other) wisdom. Searching for insight and freedom. But also showing himself as a fellow human along the way. Again and again he invites you to see life every day as a work of art in the making. And to have the courage to fully engage in that process. I experienced this as very supportive during my professional reorientation.


Julien Minsac about sparring partner keyboard_arrow_down

I had the opportunity to go through a journey with Joris including a core talents analysis.

Thanks to the various conversations we had together, Joris got to know me very well, to accurately translate my doubts, my needs, my desires and drives. During this exercise, together we were able to bring to the surface my strong core talents. After this reflection, a work of introspection was carried out to bring forward what satisfied and made me happy in my work; and conversely, the aspects that were less positive. Finally, this work led to a reflection on my future perspective: what would be my ideal job? What are the vital values I value most? What are the contextual elements that energize me and are essential to me?

Thanks to this process, made possible by Joris' analytical skills and empathy, I was finally able to make a final synthesis, rich in lessons for my professional future and my personal growth.

A real source of inspiration and motivation for which I sincerely thank Joris and highly recommend his services!

Julien Minsac 


Annemie Verhoeven on transition counseling and executive sounding board keyboard_arrow_down

In both turbulent transitions and innovative developments, it is a true breath of fresh air to be able to rely on Joris' professionalism. With his calm demeanor, broad knowledge, and years of expertise, he carefully and respectfully offers paths to solutions, taking into account everyone's talents. Honest, surprisingly creative, friendly, and always from a positive and unifying perspective, I have had the pleasure of counting on fruitful collaborations with him multiple times.

Annemie Verhoeven - Chairwoman Netwerk Coöperatief Wonen and Director SHM De Ideale Woning

Philip Calluy on strategic counseling keyboard_arrow_down

After a global reorganisation, we felt the need to work out a new strategy for and with our team (Finance - BASF Antwerpen NV). We called on the services of Multiversity, and Joris in particular, to guide us through this process. It was impressive to see how quickly Joris was able to empathise with our world. Joris asked the right questions and offered a strong listening ear. His preparations were spot on and his way of working was structured and clear. The whole team felt supported in working out the new strategy. The apotheosis was a team workshop where open dialogue was central. The day was a success for the whole team! We are now working on our new strategy, which was developed effectively for and with the team, but to which Joris certainly made an essential contribution.

In short: with Joris you don't get the feeling that he just gives advice from the sidelines, he helps the team to achieve their goals and is really involved. I would immediately recommend Joris to others as a coach, consultant, supervisor, motivator, ... Thanks Joris!

Philip Calluy - Head of Finance Belgium, BASF Antwerp

Gert Adriaenssen on transition counseling and executive sounding board keyboard_arrow_down

In 2022, I had the pleasure of working with Joris on a transition project in one of the departments in AZ Turnhout. From the beginning of this project there was a fine and productive collaboration between Joris and myself. Joris offered us clear analyses, structure in the process flow as well as a grateful sounding board to test open minded ideas or plans. I really appreciated his help in setting up and putting into practice consultation and dialogue. Joris also showed decisiveness and perseverance in approaching and involving various stakeholders. Joris coupled an efficient way of project follow-up with pleasant coaching and stretching of those involved. Our contacts always went smoothly. The collaboration in this project has since ended, but I do miss our consultation moments.

Gert Adriaenssen - Care manager AZ Turnhout

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