for people seeking meaningful work

Can we help you as a career coach?

Do you feel you are stuck in your current role or organisation? Are you looking for ways to redefine your work? Or would you like to make a journey of discovery towards new opportunities?

If so, we would be honored to guide you in your quest for meaningful work as your career coach. As curious and integer coaches, we are dedicated to help you express your authentic person, enabling you to contribute to society and achieve greater satisfaction, freedom and meaning.

How we can make a difference 

We are passionate about personal development and have extensive experience in taking on different roles in different contexts. We can relate well to the experiences and thinking of people looking for meaningful work and can quickly connect with them. Moreover, we possess strong listening and empathy skills, ask critical questions, and provide honest advice.

Our offer

We believe that every career question is unique and deserves a customized approach, so we always begin by exploring the specific issues that matter to you. From there, we engage in a dialogue to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, who you want to become, and how you can achieve your goals. If it can benefit the process, we also use the core talents method to help uncover your innate talents, intrinsic motivation, and untapped potential.

From the process of self-discovery, we move towards self-development and self-expression. We assist you in uncovering and finding meaning in new possibilities and directions for growth, and work with you to identify practical and actionable steps you can take towards achieving your goals.

Throughout the process, we are a guide, sometimes helping to deepen your search, sometimes broadening it. We encourage you to embrace paradoxes and continue to see the whole. Crucial for us is that you are in the driver's seat of this process.

Every career journey starts with a free, no-obligation online introductory interview to get a feel for whether we are a match for you.

Multiversity is a recognised career centre. As a result, anyone who is employed or self-employed and has at least seven years of work experience can come to us with career cheques. (See for all conditions for using career cheques).   

You are entitled to a total of two career cheques: one for four hours of coaching and one for three hours. You pay only 40 euros per career voucher yourself. The remaining amount is financed by the Flemish government. Click here to order your career cheques.

If you are not eligible for career cheques, we will gladly look together with you at other possibilities to start a career journey.

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