Future architects for making strategic choices through dialogue

Are you and your team, organization or network facing strategic issues? We would like to help you tackle them and arrive at sustainable and shared solutions. In this process we take on the role of future architect in a journey of strategic dialogue. Through in-depth interviews we build on the insights of both the people within your organization and the stakeholders around them and we map out their perspectives, ideas and concerns. From this we create an integrated overall picture. In a series of workshops (spread over a number of months) we work as a group on the strategic issues at hand and challenge ideas. The overall picture from the in-depth interviews is an important starting point. In this way, everyone gains more insight into the bigger picture and more understanding for the perspectives of others, which is crucial to arrive at sustainable and shared solutions. Finally, we provide the final synthesis which we use to translate into an output, such as a strategic plan, that can be used by your organization. By taking the time to engage in in-depth dialogue with all stakeholders, more perspectives are included and real support can be created. Because we oversee the entire process, you can fully focus on your role as decision maker.

Case study: The management of a healthcare organization faced the challenge of renewing the strategic framework for the next 3 to 5 years with a renewed Board of Directors and a decentralized leadership team. The challenge was to bring out and align the different visions of the executives, the management and the Board of Directors. We guided all these parties during several months in this process and arrived at concrete and shared strategic objectives and a new organization model. 

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