Bridge builder... for setting up multi-actor partnerships

Are you facing the challenge of setting up new forms of collaboration that transcend the boundaries of your organization or do you want to set up smart partnerships with different parties?  We help you as a bridge builder to take up this challenge and achieve sustainable multi-actor collaborations. Through individual exploratory interviews with the actors involved, we map out the potential contributions, interests and concerns of the various partners. From this we create an integrated overall picture. By sharing this picture with all the parties involved and entering into dialogue on that basis, everyone gains greater insight into the bigger picture and a better understanding of each other's perspectives. To this end, we organize alternating bilateral and multilateral consultations. If there is sufficient support for collaboration, during a number of workshops the vision is clarified and strategic and tactical questions about the collaboration are clarified. Afterwards, we bring everything together in a strategic plan and a blueprint for this collaboration. By making time for the great diversity of perspectives, listening to the undercurrents and creating space for dialogue, we ensure that a sustainable collaboration can emerge. 

Case study: Setting up a new organizational network to accelerate technological sustainability in Flanders required collaboration between numerous federations, government agencies and other organizations. The challenge was to properly identify the interests of these actors and to define the mission of this network and design the cooperation model in dialogue with the stakeholders. We ensured that the principle based decision to work together was transformed into a workable network organization.

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