for people looking for a sounding board

Can we help you as a sparring partner?

Are you looking for an external sparring partner to discuss challenges and situations in your life and work? Do you feel a need or a desire for deeper self-examination? Are you looking for a sounding board to engage in dialogue about your self-development and self-insight?

We are happy to help you with these needs and challenges and take on the role of an external sounding board with whom you can talk on a regular basis in confidence, without judgment or bias. You can test your ideas with us and let us enrich them. We don't mince our words, we confront you with your own presumptions and patterns and help you to clarify your thinking in order to come to new insights.

How we can make a difference

We have years of experience in the corporate world and know the challenges associated with complex roles like no other. As multiversalists, we are able to move well into the experience and thinking space of people seeking greater insight and can quickly connect with them. We have strong listening and empathy skills, ask critical questions and give honest advice.

Our offer

Every sparring partner journey starts with a free intake meeting to feel if there is a match. The sessions take place while walking. By moving we stimulate our thinking and quickly go into the depths. We work fully customised and move along with your evolving needs. If your needs and challenges are related to work, we will examine with you whether you can make use of career cheques or the ‘kmo-portefeuille’.

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