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A growth catalyst for multiversalists?

Today's challenges force us to transcend the boundaries of existing boxes and to explore new connections. Multiversalists often are bubbling with ideas and naturally see these kinds of connections and new opportunities. Such ideas can lead to a new initiative, a transformation within an organisation, the establishment of a company or a social innovation.  However, between seeing possibilities and having a developed idea or concept, there lies a big challenge. 

We want to help you as a multiversalist to tackle such a challenge. As independent thinkers and real challengers we help you to think through your ideas, look at them from different angles, make them concrete and further enrich them. We explore how ideas connect to who you are, what you really stand for and how this can fit within your portfolio of activities. We also explore the many forms in which the idea can be transformed into real impact.  

How we can make a difference 

Our approach involves a journey of intense dialogue sessions. We start from the ideas and possibilities you want to explore and approach them from different angles. Based on the aspects that require further thought and elaboration, we determine the next steps for the session that follows. Diverging and converging, deepening and widening alternate throughout the sessions, which creates a special dynamic in the process. 

Being able to spar with a like-minded person as a multiversalist gives this process a unique intensity. Together we move effortlessly from the strategic through the businesslike and substantive to the personal and meaningful to the systemic and organizational. It is our second nature to work in such a holistic way, a method we like to employ in our role as growth catalyst.

We create a space in which this journey of discovery can take place in all its aspects: from enriching possibilities to questioning what is in front of you, from embracing contradictions to exploring what really gives you meaning.

Our offer

Each trajectory starts with an intake session to discuss the challenge at hand and to feel if there is a match. Each trajectory is customized and consists of intense, physical sessions, which may be supplemented by interim online sessions. Where useful, documents as a reflection or further elaboration can be shared for revision or further co-creation. For these trajectories you can apply for the 'KMO-portefeuille', if your organization is eligible for this.

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