for multiversalists in search of more meaning in their work

Can we help you as a career counselor?

Many multiversalists have a large list of realizations and talents which means that seeking help is not their first reflex. However, because multiversalists experience life qualitatively differently, they often face a number of typical problems, which manifest themselves not in the least in their careers and the developments and choices around them. The enormous need for autonomy, difficulty in choosing, a quick sense of boredom, feeling different and therefore sometimes separated from others, the lack of fulfillment despite the many plates being kept in the air, the struggle with the system, the urge for complexity ... to name a few.

In the current offerings of career coaching, multiversalists often do not find an appropriate offering for their issues. An essential component is to be able to connect with the coachee and move with them in their space of experience and thought. As a multiversalist, passionate about personal development and with a very broad experience in many different roles and contexts, we believe we can offer an appropriate answer here.

How we can make a difference

We help multiversalists, who are stuck in their current role or organization, who are looking for ways to give new meaning to their work or want to make a journey of discovery into being a multiversalist and the possibilities that come with it. 

Each career question is a customized question, where we always start from exploring the issues that concern you. From there we go on a self-examination. If it adds value, we use the core talent method to gain insight into your nature, potential and intrinsic motivation. From self-discovery we move towards self-development and self-expression. We help to bring out and give meaning to new possibilities and directions of development and also take steps towards concrete exploration. The tools we use are extensive and in constant development. This allows us to optimally respond to the questions that arise throughout the process, without being stuck in a fixed pattern. 

During the entire process we help as guides to sometimes deepen and sometimes widen your search. We help you to embrace paradoxes and keep seeing the whole. Crucial for us is that you are in the driver seat of this process.

Our offer 

Each program starts with an online intake to see if the match is right for the challenge at hand. 

With your first career check you are entitled to 4 hours of guidance. These are divided over 2-3 sessions. With the second cheque you are entitled to 3 hours of guidance, also divided over two sessions. Take a look at the VDAB website to check whether you are eligible for career cheques.

If you are eligible for career cheques, you only pay 40€ per cheque. The rest (one cheque is worth €550) is reimbursed by the Flemish government. The coachings take place at Multiversity in Lint or Grimbergen.

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