for untangling gridlocked situations

From gridlock to a sustainable and supported solution?

Have you found yourself in a blocked situation as an organization? As an external consensus seeker, we are happy to help you untangle this situation and get out of the impasse. We map out the perspectives and interests of the various parties, how they interact and what dynamics prevail. We help ensure that contradictions can be overcome and that a supported 'third alternative' can be achieved.

How we can make the difference

We have years of experience in the corporate world and are familiar with the challenges associated with a blocked situation. As multiversalists, we are comfortable with the experience and thinking space of people in key positions and can quickly connect with them. We have strong listening and empathy skills, ask critical questions and give honest advice.

Our offer

We come to your organization and work very personally with you and your employees in key positions. We engage in dialogue with all involved, taking on the role of an external sounding board with whom everyone can talk in confidence, without judgment or bias, about anything related to the impasse. In these conversations, we look for the underlying beliefs of the parties involved and uncover the causes of the stalled situation. We then also observe on the spot how past choices and current practices have made the situation what it is.

In the next phase, we place the situation within the bigger picture, which is an important step in transcending the boundaries of the blocked situation. Through feedback sessions with the various parties involved, those involved gain more insight into what has emerged in this process. Finally, we guide your organization to reach a sustainable and supported solution by challenging the status quo together, broadening perspectives and looking for a win-win for all parties.

Multiversity is a recognized service provider for 'kmo-portefeuille'  for training and consulting. We will work with you to see if your organization can call on the SME portfolio for our services.

Case study

Within an organisation there was a dormant discontent that had a negative impact on the functioning of the department and led to the inability to find the right people. We were faced with the challenge of untangling this situation. From a wide range of in-depth interviews, we created an overall picture of the situation that was recognized by all involved. From there, we guided the organization both along the care side and the medical side and with the involvement of the management to step by step get out of the impasse. In doing so, we ensured that the managers were able to assume their role in this process in order to permanently anchor the solution found.

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