for supporting organisations in transformation

Connecting as a crucial ingredient in your organisation's transformation process?

Are you looking for additional support in going through a transformation process? We are happy to offer you and your leadership team that and, as a change agent, make sure you get a better understanding of the dynamics within your organisation and find out in time which values and hidden beliefs are potentially holding back change. Support from a change agent ensures that the transformation has a better chance of taking place in a more sustained way.

How we can make a difference

We have years of experience in the corporate world and know the challenges associated with transformation like no other. As multiversalists, we are able to relate well to the experience and thinking space of people in key positions and can quickly connect with them. We have strong listening and empathy skills, ask critical questions and naturally see the bigger picture.

Our offer

We will come to your organization and work very personally with you and your employees in key positions. We engage in dialogue with all involved, taking on the role of an external sounding board with whom everyone can talk in confidence, without judgment or bias, about anything related to the organization.

Through the various conversations we have on an individual basis, we sense what is going on, connect people from different departments and help transcend silo-thinking. Throughout this process, we always maintain an overview of the bigger picture, linking ideas together and holding a mirror up to your organization. We build bridges between people and ideas, creating the extra fabric needed to sustain a transformation.

Multiversity is a recognised service provider for 'kmo-portefeuille' for training and advice. Together with you, we examine whether your organisation can use our services under the 'kmo-portefeuille'.

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